The 13 Keys Scavenger Hunts

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can participate in the hunts?

Our hunts are designed to be fun whether run by an individual, couples, or a group. For large groups with 12 or more players, we recommend splitting into smaller groups 6-10 per group. We can accomodate large groups over 20, just call us to schedule.

Does each hunt have a guide?

Each hunt is self-guided at your own pace, you will not have a guide accompany your team out on the course, but you will have a guide engaging you via text and available by phone throughout the entire experience.

Do we play the hunts with guests other than our group?

You participate with your own group, unless you choose to pair up with other teams along the way.

Can we start at a different time other than what we booked?

Technically no, we stagger the start times of our hunts to keep launch waits down and enjoyable for all guests. If you want to start early or are running late, please call, we will try our best to accomodate your group.

What do we do if we are running late?

Please call us if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late to start your hunt. We will try our best to accomodate your group, but may have to start other groups before yours.

What ages can participate?

The participation ages are specific to each hunt. Typically the History and Haunted Hunts are all ages, and require a ticket purchase for each guest 6 and up. The Bar Hunts are 21 years or older for all participants.

Is the entire hunt walking?

The hunts are designed with walking in mind. You are welcome to bike, scooter, skate, or even rent a golf cart for the History and Haunted Hunts. The Bar Hunts are required to be on foot because of the nature of the game. We are not liable should you illegally chose to get behind the wheel after participating in the Bar Hunt.

How long are the hunts?

The Hunts vary between 1-2.5 miles and last 1-2.5 hours, each hunt will say the average time and distance on the booking page.

Are the hunts timed?

Each experience is at your own pace. If you feel competative we track fastest times of each hunt. However, we want you to enjoy the hunt. If you would like to know your time and how you compared, your host can let you know.

Can we bring our pet(s)?

Some of the hunts are pet friendly, others are not due to entering buildings, restaurants, etc. Feel free to call or message us prior to your hunt.

Do you have a restroom?

We do not have a restroom at our location, so we recommend a restroom stop prior to arrival noted in your booking confirmation. There are also public restrooms available on each of the routes.

Can we drink on the Bar Hunt?

The Bar Hunts are fun whether or not you choose to drink. Alcohol is not included in the hunt, any drinks you consume must be purchased and consumed on the bar premises. Please follow all local laws and use good judgement.

Are children allowed on the Bar Hunt?

We do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to participate in the Bar Hunts. You must be 21 to enter the bars and pubs. We do ID all guests participating in the Bar Hunt.

Where do the hunts start?

All experiences begin and end at our location, 125 King Street. We do have some parking available typically, but it is not guaranteed as we do share a lot with other businesses.

What happens if we no show?

No call, no shows, are no fun. Things happen from time to time, so if you can't make it, call us and we can reschedule or keep a raincheck on file.

What if it rains?

If it is light rain we generally continue with the hunts, usually our weather is pretty ideal. If there is heavy rain or lightning we will cancel and offer a raincheck or refund at your preference.

Are the hunts outside?

Yes. We launch you from our location (currently during Covid we also launch outside) and you explore the city with no need to enter any buildings to complete the game.

Is it Covid safe?

We follow the current guidelines by wearing mask in our store. We launch the games outside. You play with only your group. No need to enter any buildings to complete the game. All the kits are sanitized before and after each play.

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