The 13 Keys Scavenger Hunt REVIEWS

Highly recommend...

"Our family ranged in age from 7 weeks old to 58 and we had a great time! With the current coronavirus scare it was particularly great because the scavenger hunt took place outside, we didn’t have to touch anything except what they gave us (and they informed us that they personally sanitized it). They were informative on the duration and distance. If you’re a drinking family like ours, we highly recommend booking early afternoon and taking your time, breaking up the walking with some sit down time and drinks. Highly recommend this experience."


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Interactive and informative...

"The scavenger hunt was not only interactive and informative but challenging enough to require concentration which made it fun. I got a two hour tour of the city and saw lots of sites that helped me determine what I wanted to do with the rest of my time here. What really stood out is the character of the hosts. It began raining during my scheduled hunt time and we had to call it quits less than halfway through. Heather went above and beyond, allowing us to finish the next day which was no only a holiday, but a day they aren't typically open for the scavenger hunt. Lastly, she gave us advice where to find a good brunch spot. She recommended a French/Greek bistro off the beaten path which ended up being FANTASTIC. My girlfriend and I got a hell of a value with this booking!"


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This scavenger hunt was perfect...

"Super fun way to see and learn about St. Augustine

It was our first time to visit the bustling city of St. Augustine and we wanted to get to know about the city in a unique way! This scavenger hunt was perfect! It would be for all ages but it does require patience with each other and to just enjoy the experience. The hunt is well thought out and easy to follow but just interesting enough to keep you engaged! We learned lots! The hosts, Steve and Heather, were Amazing! "


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Wonderful experience...

"What a wonderful experience and a great way to learn about this beautiful historic area."


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Great event ...

"This is a great event for a family or date!"


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Great adventure...

"This was a fun way to see parts of the city that I might have missed otherwise! Great adventure."


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We are still talking about it...

"Don't Miss It! A clever and super-fun way to explore and learn about St. Augustine. Heather and Steve are delightful hosts and stay in touch with you during your exploration. We spent closer to 3 hrs. (and happily so!) and didn't feel we were off the mark speed-wise. It's just great fun and we are still talking about it. St. Augustine is the perfect place for this kind of introduction."


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Off the beaten path...

"A cool way to get off the beaten path and see parts of the city that tourists often miss, and at our own pace..."


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We had a blast...

"13 Keys Scavenger Hunt is a super fun way to get to know St Augustine! We had a blast, made new friends and learned a lot!"


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Great fun activity...

"A great fun activity and an interesting way to explore the old town. Would have no hesitation recommending to anyone!"


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Experience the city...

"What a great way to get outside and experience the city!!"


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Amazing time!

"The best way to see the city... You learn and see places off the beaten path, but yet right in the heart of the city. Amazing time!"


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Very well put together...

"Had a great time walking around following clues. Well learned all kinds of cool things about St. Augustine that we most likey never would have had we not went on the scavenger hunt. This was very well put together, fun and entertaining the entire time. We will for sure be back to do it again!"


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Highly recommend!

"A lot of fun to do the 13 Keys Scavenger Hunt with my family. The program is thoughtfully conceived and the quality was great. Highly recommended!"


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Felt like were walking in history

"History meets family fun!

We had no idea how much fun we were in for! We have visited St. Augustine many times before and have done the trolley tours and honestly we couldn’t remember any history we heard over the trolley’s speakers. For the first time we felt like we were walking in history and experiencing parts of town we would have never gone to on our own. Each clue and stop in the scavenger hunt included great historical information and was paired with fun riddles to solve. The combination made for an unforgettable bonding experience for our family and really brought St. Augustine’s history to life!"

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The 13 Keys Scavenger & Mystery
76 Spanish Street  St. Augustine, FL 32084
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